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register for the spring season

Spring Season Registration


Registration for the 2021 spring season is now open for all athletes in our Northern Kentucky Lacrosse Club, grades 2-12. 

It was the launch of this program that we set into motion the catalyst in opening new opportunities for athletes across the NKY region and in growing the sport of lacrosse. We are excited to be leading the way and even more excited to have your athlete join us in being that important part of the future of Northern Kentucky Lacrosse.

A glimpse of the 2021 season:

  • At this time, we are planning for practices to start the first week of January 2021 at the youth and MS levels. 
    Optional (encouraged) workouts / stick-work will start the first week of January 2021 for HS with practices starting mid-February. 
  • Games will start the final week of February / first week of March 2021 (thru mid May 2021)
  • Uniform selection / fitting / payment details to follow. 



If your athlete is a HIGH SCHOOL level, HOME-SCHOOLED STUDENT, please reach out. Do not proceed with registration until you’ve spoken to either Dan Stewart or Tony Grizovic. You can find our contact form and their phone numbers on our CONTACT PAGE HERE.



  1. Go to USLacrosse.org and register your player(s) for their US Lacrosse membership. This annual membership fee must be renewed annually. You will receive a membership number. You will need this membership number to process your registration here. If the membership from last year is still active, please note we will be following up to make sure it is renewed or participation will be halted until such time that it is. NOTE: MEMBERSHIP MUST BE VALID FOR THE FULL SEASON. IF MEMBERSHIP EXPIRES BEFORE END OF MAY 2021, PLEASE RENEW PRIOR TO REGISTERING.
    IMPORTANT – Make sure to select NKY Lacrosse Club as your team.
  2. You will receive a membership number. You will need this membership number to process your spring registration. Make sure your information from US Lacrosse matches perfectly to how you enter it here to avoid issues. 
  3. Register here for the season.
    (Payment option available.)
  4. Complete uniform payment and sizing  – more information to follow.


YTH (Grades 2-6) – $175 plus $8.95 processing
MS (Grades 7-8) – $195 plus $9.63 processing
HS (Grades 9-12) – $250 plus $11.50 processing


Should you have any issues with registration, please CONTACT US HERE.