Our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page holds some of the questions we receive most. We try to update as needed but know there we always be questions here and there, not addressed on the site. Should you find yourself in this position, please feel free to reach out and let us be of assistance. You are able to reach out via our CONTACT PAGE.

What should I expect for fees and expenses?

\\As laid out in the Helpful Info for the New Lacrosse Player posting, the costs to expect include:

  • US Lacrosse Membership fee ($30 for youth / MS; $35 for HS) – a must before registering your athlete.
    Please note that this is a fee mandated by US Lacrosse and is mandatory for any athlete playing this sport. 
  • Team fee – Little Laxers is $150, Youth is $180, MS is $205, HS is $295.  We do offer early registration discounts. 
  • Uniform cost – Little Laxers / Youth / Youth Girls / MS / MS Girls expected to be approx $100, HS to be released around season start (not to exceed $150)
  • Equipment costs (varies)

Equipment is one area that there is flexibility on when looking at expense. We have laid out a list of items needed and ways to save HERE but want to give you a better idea of cost range for each so you have a starting point:

  • Cleats – $40 and up
  • Helmet – $100+ for new, $40+ for used**
  • Shoulder pads – $40 and up
  • Arm pads – $40 and up
  • Gloves – $40 and up
  • Stick (shaft and head if purchased separately) – $30 and up
  • Mouth piece – $5 and up
  • Athletic cup – $10 and up

** We want to stress safety and knowing you have a good helmet. With this in mind, going the route of a good used helmet for a year (or two) can help give a bit of a buffer while you work to upgrade as you know your child will be sticking with the sport. Please be mindful that helmets are an important piece of safety equipment.

Talk with other lax families or the coaches for helpful ideas and ways to save.

If expense of equipment is the one aspect that will keep your athlete from participating, please reach out as we are able to help a limited number of families in this regard. This help is on a first come, first serve basis and only possible while extra equipment is available. 

We really want to avoid having a child not express interest based on financial hardships. We understand that the first season may prove to be a bit more than hoped in the way of costs but if we can help you get through the first season, you will find the seasons to come are much less daunting and much less of an expense (or able to be planned for and spread out) for the items needed for a normal season. Please reach out and let us be a resource so we can do what we can to help your child participate.

Who is eligible to play for NKY Lacrosse Club?


At this time, we have no residency restrictions and will take any athlete that is of appropriate age. We do expect there will come at time that this will be changing as the sport grows in the NKY region. Please note: If your HS athlete plays for a school that has an active team, they are not permitted to play for any other team during the regular season.


We offer teams at the youth and middle school levels through Raiders Lacrosse and for high school athletes via our Bluegrass Bulldogs team.

Our YOUTH GIRLS TEAM spans grades 5 through 8.

Our YOUTH TEAM spans grades 2 through 6.

 Our MIDDLE SCHOOLE GIRLS TEAM covers athletes in 7th and 8th grades.

Our MIDDLE SCHOOL team covers athletes in 7th and 8th grades.

Our HIGH SCHOOL club team spans all high school levels (grades 9-12).


Home-school players at the HS level are restricted by Kentucky’s House Bill 290. We recognize that home-school players may want to play summer travel, etc so we are working on a plan for those affected so that these players can still practice with us however, will be restricted from playing in league games. This will give these players the ability to continue to work on their skills while following the guidelines in place with this rule.

What are the season dates?

While we will have off season events (such as our fall Learn to Lax and Skills and Drills clinics) that we offer, our regular season falls in the spring with practices starting in January for grades K-8. For our HS level athletes, we offer optional conditioning and stick work starting in January with practices starting in mid-February.

We will remain indoors until weather allows us to move outside (usually late March / early April).

Games at all levels start early March and last through mid-May.

Where are practices and games held?


GRADES K-8: Indoor practices are from the period of January through March. These practices were held at Griffin Elite in Erlanger for the 2023 season. Please note: The location is always subject to change from season to season.

GRADES 9-12: Optional indoor conditioning and stick work will start early January for anyone interested with practices starting mid-February. We will remain indoors for the period of January through March. These sessions will be held at Griffin Elite in Erlanger. Please note: The location is always subject to change from season to season.

Practices move outdoors in April. Locations will be announced closer to April.


Our middle school and youth teams will play for the Southern Ohio Lacrosse League in Cincinnati. We may compete against teams such as Sycamore, Indian Hill, Milford, Mason, etc. While most games will be across the river, we do expect some home games at the Boone County Peewee Football Field.

Please note that for the MS and HS levels, we have a bit more control over home games while our LL and YTH levels are handled by an assignor in charge of overseeing the league as a whole. We offer our field availability but don’t have control over the final schedule released. 

Our high school level will compete in the Lexington area with possible (occasional games) in the Cincinnati area. 

Will spirit wear be offered?

We will offer spirit wear so you can be dressed to represent our Bulldogs family! We look forward to a full line of great items so we look great – even as spectators on the sidelines.

 We are super excited with the designs given thus far!

How can we ensure we are informed of important dates and events?

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