Helpful information for the new lacrosse player


Lacrosse can prove to be a bit overwhelming for a new lacrosse player when taking your first look at the sport and all that is needed to get going but we are here to help take some of that stress away and make this process easier to navigate.


Every player must have a valid US Lacrosse membership ID number; renewable each year. The cost for this ranges from $30-35 depending upon age group. Your child will not be eligible to participate without this membership. To get more details on this fee and what this fee covers, GO HERE.


Fees for a player include your team fee and your uniform cost. Uniforms can be used each consecutive year so once that cost has been paid, you will be set for the future until such time that your child outgrows the uniform they currently have on hand. The only exception to this is the transfer from the middle school level to the high school level as it is at this time that uniform requirements are mandated and must fall under certain restrictions. (More to come on HS level uniforms in the future.)


Each player is responsible for their equipment needs but the good news is that there are ways to save on these costs and we’ve already detailed ideas HERE.

We really want to avoid having a child not express interest based on financial hardships. We understand that the first season may prove to be a bit more than hoped in the way of costs but if we can help you get through the first season, you will find the seasons to come are much less daunting and much less of an expense (or able to be planned for and spread out) for the items needed for a normal season. Please reach out and let us be a resource so we can do what we can to help your child participate.


Understanding Lacrosse

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Rules of Lacrosse

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