This message is of the upmost importance and urgency, requiring immediate action.

There was a decision in the state of Kentucky to survey High School Athletic Directors and Principals to gauge their school’s interest in the sport of lacrosse. Usually this sort of survey happens every three years, but there has been enough interest and feedback that the Board of Control has asked the KHSAA Commissioner to seek a special survey dealing with just Lacrosse. The results of this survey could bring about the sanctioning of lacrosse recognizing it as an official high school sport, giving equal access to fields, training facilitates, trainers, and the honors that are awarded to all other athletes. We view this as the single most effective way to grow the sport we love in Kentucky.

We feel this is important for you and your student-athlete because this gives your child the possible honor to represent their high school and community while playing the sport they love.

The Schools have a deadline of Tuesday, September 17th to complete the survey.

When we launched Northern Kentucky Lacrosse Club, we did so with the vision of growing the sport of lacrosse. We feel that this is the moment in time that we have been working for these past years. Even if your child is not yet in high school, your voice matters as this will impact their future in lacrosse while being a part of this movement that has been years in the making.

We ask that you:

    • Email your school Principal and Athletic Director (sample email below) and let them know your child plays lacrosse and you would like to see your school vote for the sanctioning of boys and girls lacrosse to be a spring sport. 

Here is a sample email, feel free to personalize as you see fit:
(Please sent as quickly as you are able.)

My name is [INSERT NAME] and I have a student in the [INSERT HIGH SCHOOL] district.  I understand that the KHSAA has recently sent a survey to Principals and Athletic Directors across KY to gauge their interest to consider lacrosse as a sanctioned sport in the state. Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the US and the interest in our community is strong. I ask that you vote YES in the survey to conducting a Spring championship for both boys and girls lacrosse. 

We understand that supporting this initiative is NOT saying yes to creating a team, but merely an acknowledgement that our high school district has interest.

Thank you for your consideration,


Please send to your child’s current or future HIGH SCHOOL. If you do not see your school listed below, please view their school directory.