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We had a parent informational tonight at our lacrosse clinic for families new to lacrosse / NKY Lacrosse Club and wanted to make sure to share some of the information shared here so everyone has an opportunity to feel more comfortable with the sport, what to expect for the regular season and more.


Could you tell us about the layout of the field, how many players are on the field and information along these lines?

We love this question and have a PAST POSTING HERE that we feel gives a basic but super helpful view of what to expect in regards to the field, the players and some of the rules and lingo you cross along the way.

When does the season start and end?

We start our practices in early January (indoors). We will move practices outdoors when we are able, usually the first of April. If your player has been involved in another spring sport such as baseball, you know that weather can be tricky this time of year so please know we do our best to roll with the punches that Mother Nature tends to send our way once we move outdoors.

Games start the first week of March and go through mid-May. The start of the season is quite cold for those first games but before you know it, you will be pulling out your sunscreen and preparing for the heat.

We try to toss in at least one tournament, when possible, for our players. This may come at an additional cost (depending) and is optional for families who would like to add this extra fun to the schedule. We LOVE tournaments and recommend them to anyone interested.

What fees can a family expect for the regular season?

While it is possible fees may change a bit for the 2019 season, the fees for 2018 (Youth / MS) were as follows:

  • $30 US Lacrosse membership
  • $175 Raiders Lacrosse season fee
  • $50 uniform fee (reduced from $80 thanks to our amazing sponsors!)

As mentioned, we had some amazing sponsors for our 2018 season that allowed us to do things such as offer a reduced registration fee for the month of November, offered reduced pricing for uniforms (reg: $80 at the Youth / MS levels) and more. Without these sponsors, these things would not have been possible.

Fees for 2019 (HS included) have not yet be determined. We do expect HS costs to be higher due to the need for a trainer on site for all games, Hudl for film and player profiles, higher official fees and more.

What do the fees cover?

The fees you pay help cover the following items (but not limited to):

  • Field usage (indoor practices and home game field)
  • Officials fees / assignor and league fees
  • Equipment needs (balls, goals, creases, first aid needs, goalie equipment and more)
  • End of season party aspects
  • Game day trainer (HS)
  • Hudl (HS)
  • and various costs such as website costs, additional insurance needs, etc.
  • Find more info HERE.


We see kids with different color helmets. Is the a color of helmet that is preferred?

At the HS level, we would recommend and encourage WHITE helmets for all. At the lower levels, there is not a set color that we push but having a helmet that aligns with our team colors is preferred if veering from traditional white.

What are the equipment needs and where can we go to purchase?

HERE you will find a PAST POSTING to help you with the equipment needs for your player and ways to save. Please see me (Becky) for coupons to help offset costs. We currently have various coupons including a 25% off coupon for anyone purchasing lacrosse equipment from our sponsor Play It Again Sports in Florence. We expect Play It Again Sports to be at future fall programs dates. We will make sure to communicate when so you can plan accordingly.

As Christmas deals start to roll in, know I will be posting them on our FB pages to help families find great deals as they prepare for the regular season. You can find our Facebook pages here: Raiders Lacrosse and Bluegrass Bulldogs.

Let’s talk lacrosse sticks. What do we look for?

A lacrosse stick is made up of a head, a shaft, and pocket items including mesh and strings. At the higher levels and as your player settles in, you will find that many like to purchase the head, shaft and mesh / strings separately to create a custom tool that fits their personality and play style.

Standard (attack / middie) lacrosse sticks are the same size from our little laxers through men’s level lacrosse. The stick (head and shaft combined) should measure 42″ total from bottom of shaft to the top of the head. We recommend all players start with this stick until they are comfortable with its use before exploring a D-Pole (defensive players).

Defense sticks (referred to as D-Poles) measure differently based on level of play. D-Poles are acceptable starting in the 5th-6th grade bracket. The league our Youth (YTH) team is apart of require that D-Poles are not longer than 54″. This differs from what you will find with US Lacrosse so please make note of this. D-Poles for MS and HS levels are 72″ from the base of the shaft to the top of the head.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of further help with this.


We’d like to share a few helpful links from US Lacrosse for those interested:

– Boys Rules
– Equipment needs and fitting guide
– Safety tips and guidelines from US Lacrosse
– Field diagrams
– Rules interpretations
– College Recruiting


You’ve mentioned how much you love and appreciate your sponsors. How can we become sponsors? 

We have different sponsorship levels available for those interested in helping to make a difference for athletes interested in lacrosse and in turn, for the sport as a whole in NKY. The more we can do within our organization allows us to continue to change the landscape of NKY, one stick at a time. We’d LOVE for you to be a part of this mission!

As mentioned in our meeting, we really do love and greatly appreciate our sponsors. Our sponsors have allowed us to forego player level fundraising (at HUGE bonus for busy families) and allowed us to offer great things such as discounts on uniforms and registration fees for the month of November and more. We can’t guarantee these things moving forward but know that we are always looking for ways to reduce costs to ensure athletes who want to participate can.

Our amazing sponsors who made these things possible for our 2018 season include:

  • Once Upon a Child, Florence
  • Plato’s Closet, Florence
  • Style Encore, Florence
  • Beef O’Brady’s, Union
  • Garrick Straub / State Farm
  • Gatlin Voelker
  • Play it Again Sports, Florence
  • Potter House Group


Interested in coaching?

The excitement of growth is met with the need for more coaches. Our numbers are growing so fast that we can announce we will definitely be looking for coaches to help with our little laxers and youth levels (grades 2-6). Now is a great time to talk to us if you’d like to get involved. We’d love to talk with you and get to work teaching you the fundamentals to make a great impact with our athletes. (Background checks will be required.) 


Have we missed something? 

If there is something we’ve missed here that you wonder and would like to discuss, please let us know. Our coaches are always ready to help and as mentioned tonight, our webmaster / communications director Becky Grizovic, is always ready to help in any way possible. Becky can be found via our website or social media channels, as well as most events offered by NKY Lacrosse Club.

Our contact page can be found HERE.