We use Team App for all team communications. As we close in on the start of the season’s games, we make the annual transition in communication at which point we discontinue emails. With this, your registration on this app is necessary to ensure you are kept up to date with all correspondence after this month. We have used this app in the past and it proved to be very helpful, convenient and a hit with families.


Steps to make sure you are ready to receive all updates:

  • Download TEAM APP from your app store and register for an account.
  • Make sure to select to ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS when asked (this step is important)
  • Select the SEARCH icon and search NKY Lacrosse Club.
  • Select the Bluegrass Bulldogs logo.
  • Above the logo on the following screen, you will see: “Become a member of this team app (tap here)”
  • Tap as indicated and select the team level that applies to you.
  • Enter your athlete’s name in the box provided and select to submit.
  • If you have an athlete at a different level, you will want to join that Access Group as well. You will want to update your past selection if your player has changed levels this season so you are getting updates necessary for your level.
    • To join a second (or new level), click the gear in the upper right corner.
    • Scroll to Access Groups and select the needed option.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not seeing / receiving updates in the app, please do not wait until mid or late season to reach out. You WILL miss information. If you aren’t receiving app updates or able to see past ones, this means you’ve not requested access to our organization OR you’ve not selected an access group.